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MindBlower is an innovative I2P (idea-to-product) platform that helps inventors become entrepreneurs. Simply pitch your idea via video, and if our team of experts likes it, MindBlower will bring it to life through product development, production and sales. You can read more about our process here

1. You upload a short video pitch of your idea.
2. Our team of experts screens your idea for business viability.
3. If we believe in your idea, we will begin developing your product, handling everything from market research and R&D to manufacturing.
4. The final product goes into presale on our website to test the market. If it meets its sales target, it goes into the final stage of production.
5. Your idea is manufactured and distributed to customers worldwide.
6. You receive up to a 20% royalty each year. Learn more about our process here

At this stage, MindBlower is accepting low-tech ideas. We are not accepting ideas for apps or other high-tech products.

There is none. If we love your idea and see its business value, we’ll produce it. If your product reaches the mass-production stage, you’ll receive royalties. On the other hand, if we do not choose to produce your idea, you will retain all ownership rights.

You can earn up to 20% royalties, depending on the state of your idea when you pitch:
– 20% if you have a patent pending, a working prototype and a first commercial sale
– 15% if you have a patent pending and a working prototype
– 10% if you have a patent pending or a working prototype
– 5% for proof of concept
If we choose your idea, we will send you an offer according to these guidelines. You can read about this further in our Terms & Conditions.

Simply videotape yourself pitching your idea in two minutes or less, no special effects or gimmicks necessary. Be clear, be charming and be sure to make us believe in the power of your idea. You may also upload any supporting materials—such as images, 3D models and patents—that help to explain your idea. You can do so here.

Our initial screening process takes approximately two weeks, at which point we will let you know if we want to invest in your idea or if we feel that it’s not quite right for MindBlower. If your idea isn’t for us, we will return your proposal and the idea remains totally yours. If we move forward with validating your idea, it usually takes up to ten weeks, sometimes less. We will keep you informed as we proceed with the project.

Anyone 18 years or older! All you need is a great idea that solves a very real problem. We’ll take care of the rest.

In a nutshell, our reputation is on the line, and the law is on your side. Our team is composed of world-class experts who cannot and will not risk their reputations by stealing your ideas. Because we understand that this is a grave concern, we discuss the subject further in our Terms & Conditions. The entire process is documented and audited. Worry not: Your ideas and your rights are carefully guarded.

It’s pointless to make products that people won’t buy. At MindBlower, we invest tremendous amounts of energy, time and money in order to turn ideas into products. We can’t allow ourselves to waste our scarce resources on products that won’t sell, so we sell each product on our website first with a target sales goal in mind. If the product meets its target, it enters full production, and you begin earning royalties.

Other crowdsourcing platforms require a huge investment of time and money from the entrepreneur with unknown results. But, with MindBlower, once you’ve pitched your idea, we’ll handle the rest. At the consumer level, the difference is enormous as well. With other crowdsourcing platforms, backers get no guarantee that they will ever see a return on their investments. At MindBlower, you either get the product you paid for or you get your money back. It’s that simple.

Yes, you can! For the best experience, we recommend using MindBlower on your desktop or tablet at this time.

For general inquiries, please email us at For technical questions, you can reach us at

Your success is—quite literally—ours, as MindBlower is the only company in the world that needs your ideas to succeed. That’s why we are so thorough in our screening process. We are seeking only the best and brightest ideas that have a real chance of becoming blockbusters, so if your idea makes the cut, there is a high chance that it will succeed. As the inventor, you’ll receive the maximum royalties for the minimum amount of work, an unprecedented model in the history of product design.

Still have questions? Contact us here.