“There are plenty of big ideas out there. The real challenge is bringing them to life.”

Carmit Turgeman, Founder & CEO Mindblower


MindBlower is a unique platform that gives EVERYONE a chance to bring their ideas to life.

Ideas submitted to us by inventors undergo a double screening process:
Our experienced team chooses the best ideas submitted, after making sure they also
make sense businesswise, and our community of early adopters decides which of these
products will eventually go to production.

We also have a strict money back guarantee policy, ensuring backers won’t end up
paying for a product they never received.

This way inventors and backers have ZERO financial risk, and inventors don’t have
to exhaust their own resources in developing their ideas.

Once the product raises the sum it needs, our team is in charge of production
and fulfillment – a challenge most backers have no experience with and often fail to deliver upon.

It’s how crowdfunding was meant to be:
A seamless, transparent and extremely efficient process that enables dreamers to bring great
ideas to life with the help of the community. It’s a MindBlower.


Several years ago, MindBlower’s founder, Carmit Turgeman, came up with an idea:
to create and sell a travel size refillable perfume spray. It took her about five years to turn this idea
into a massive hit product: Travalo.

By the end of the prolonged and often tedious process of bringing Travalo to the market she
realized she had learned quite a bit.
Equipped with the knowledge she accumulated about turning ideas into reality,
she founded MindBlower.

MindBlower saves people the incredible amount of hassle needed in order to materialize an idea.
Market research, patent filing, prototyping, branding, marketing, are only a few of the
elements an inventor needs to deal with in order to bring an idea to life. The paradox is that most
inventors are either creative, technological or scientific types, often lacking the experience or
knowledge of how to deal with this sort of operations.

That’s where MindBlower comes in. Our team has the wide spectrum of expertise needed in order
to turn ideas into reality. Whatever stage your idea is, we know how to take it from there and make
it happen. That’s of course if we decide it has the potential to become a hit product.

So if you have an amazing idea for a product, send it to us, blow our minds, and maybe you and
your idea will become part of our story.