Bringing ideas to life

Ready to share your idea with us? Pitch us your idea using a short video of yourself describing it (max 2 minutes) and feel free to add any documents to support it.
From idea to product to market, take a look at our process in 5 steps toward great success


You pitch your idea by uploading a short video to our site and walk away with up to a 20% royalty for your brilliance.


We put your idea through the ringer with a two-step screening process. The first step is emotional: Do we love it? The second step is rational: Can your idea succeed as a business?


From market research and business planning to R&D and patent registration, we handle the nitty-gritty so you don't have to.


With 25% off the original price as an incentive to early buyers, we test the market with a presale on our site and with a target sales goal in mind. If the product reaches its sales target, we move on to wholesale distribution.


Now it's off to the factories for mass production and delivery to stores. Our experienced team takes care of it all.


Kick back, relax and let the royalties roll in. It was your idea after all; you've earned it!

Our Team

George Lois

America's Master Communicator
As the original "Mad Man," George is renowned for iconic marketing campaigns that triggered innovative and populist changes in American (and world) culture. In addition to handling game-changing advertising campaigns for Tommy Hilfiger, ESPN, MTV and VH1, he is known for creating Bob Dylan's "Jokerman" music video. Ten years worth of George's Esquire magazine covers grace MoMA's permanent collection, and he has been inducted into the Art Directors Hall of Fame. and The One Club Hall of Fame.
George Lois Bio

Carmit Turgeman

Inventor and CEO/MindBlower.
Carmit is an industrial engineer and entrepreneur who invented Genie-S refill tech, otherwise known as the Travalo perfume atomizer, which sold over 20 million units worldwide. From idea to product launch, Carmit managed her first foray into entrepreneurship entirely on her own, and she launched MindBlower to help other inventors reach her level of success.
Carmit Turgeman Bio

Roberta Greene

As the president and founder of Phoenix Communications, Roberta has successfully developed and implemented public relations and marketing strategies for clients including Bette Midler, Barbie, Cher, Elle, Hennessy, Seventeen and Tamagotchi.
Roberta Greene Bio